Trump Showed His Emotional Side In A Heartbreaking Statement [VIDEO]

President-elect Donald Trump has proven himself to be a strong and decisive leader, the right man to help America get through the injustice Obama has done during the devastating years of his presidency. However, TMZ founder Harvey Levin wanted to show his other, emotional side of Trump and present him as a human being who rejoices and suffers just like everyone else.

Two months before he became President-elect, Trump opened his home to Levin to share cherished childhood memories, the pain of losing a brother to alcoholism and the joy his sons and daughters bring him.

“When you see [Trump] on stage or at a news conference, he projects a certain image. This is completely different. He is vulnerable. He talks about failures, he talks about successes, he talks about his fears,” Levin explained.

Trump opened up like never before in this emotional video. While the leftist mainstream media tries to portray Trump as a cold, heartless tycoon, this chilling heartbreaking clip proves them wrong!

In the 1 minute video, Trump gets emotional talking to Harvey about a family picture showing Trump’s deceased brother. His brother, Freddie was an alcoholic, resulting in his death at an early age, but Trump has always said that Freddie was his number-one inspiration. This video shows exactly how highly Trump thought of his beloved brother.

At the end of the interview, Levin asked the final question: “Who are you? Who’s Donald Trump?”

The president-elect responded: “I mean, always a very tough question. But, I’m somebody that likes to help people. I like to see things done right. Above all I want to make life good for a lot of people, not just myself. I’ve won enough for myself, I want to win for the country now. I hate, Harvey, seeing what’s happening to our country.”

Check out the emotional and inspiring video: