Miley Cyrus Has Meltdown After Being Called Out For Not Leaving Country After Trump Won

Miley Cyrus vowed to leave the United States if President Trump won, yet she is still here. In March of 2016, Cyrus wrote an emotional post about President Trump in a photo with Texas hunter Kendall Jones.

She took a photo of herself crying and wrote “yes. That is a tear rolling down my cheek dripping off the end of my nose.. This makes me so unbelievable scared and sad…. Not only for our country but for animals that I love more than anything in this world.”

“My heart is broken into a 100000 pieces. I think I may vomit …. That picture on the right is so disturbing…. YOU are not destiny! It is not your job to decide when a living things life is over,” she the pro-abortion Miley Cyrus. “Honestly f**k this shit I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!” she wrote.

However, it turns out she didn’t mean that. She recently was asked why she was still here. She was pissed. “I didn’t leave the country. I’m not f*cking leaving the country, that’s some ignorant sh*t, that’s dumb. Because that’s me abandoning my country when I think I’ve got a good thing to say to my country,” said Cyrus in an interview.

“And trust me, I hear every day on my Instagram, ‘Just leave already! When are you going to leave?’ Wherever I am, my voice is going to be heard, and I’ll make sure of it,” said Cyrus.