Joy Behar Has A Complete Meltdown Over Sean Spicer’s Emmy’s Joke

Sean Spicer surprisingly crashed the Emmy’s and made a quick speech. “This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period! Both in person and around the world,” joked Sean Spicer. This joke apparently ticked off the whole liberal community who claimed that this was him admitting that he lied about the inauguration crowd size.

“I did not find it humorous at all. As someone who sat in that press briefing room every day that Sean Spicer was the press secretary, I just don’t think it’s humorous when the former White House spokesman comes out, at this awards show, with all these Hollywood celebrities that they often rail against, to make fun of the fact — and you know, pretty much admit that he lied to the American people, while he was being paid by the American people to be a spokesman for the White House,” said CNN’s Kaitlan Collins

Joy Behar flipped out as well. “I sent an email to April Ryan. Remember April Ryan? She’s a journalist, and [Spicer] took her on in April — I mean in March. He said, ‘I’m sorry, please stop shaking your head.’ Do you remember this? I wrote to her and said ‘April, do you think the Emmy audience normalized Spicer?” said Behar.

“She said, ‘Did they really enjoy it? I thought they were in shock. He minimalizes his lies’ — meaning Trump’s lies. ‘People are angry over it. Twitter was on fire. Sean can laugh at himself if he wants. It seems others are not. He owes people an apology,” said Behar.

“I think that that part’s true. do. I think the fact is — he’s a liar. Trump lies, and then he and Sarah Huckabee and the rest of them who have to go out there swear to the lies. And I think that they all owe the American people an apology,” said Behar. Check out the video below.