HUGE U.S. Biz Pushing For Microchipping KIDS A.S.A.P For Disturbing Reason – Do You Support This?

Many years ago George Orwell wrote a book entitled 1984 that many thought at the time could never happen.

The premise of the book was that a government would become so bloated and overbearing that it would control the populations’ every move in order to achieve a utopian society, and the people would be complicit.

Fast forward 68 years and the book seems to be playing out right in front of our very eyes.

For instance, not too long ago we learned how the NSA was spying on our every move without a warrant through our emails, social media accounts, and our smartphones. We have seen the erasing of our nation’s history by violent liberal groups tearing down Confederate statues across the country. The mainstream media mischaracterizing Christians and conservatives as white supremacists and Nazis, and the list goes on.

If that was not bad enough a news report has just emerged claiming that microchipping your children is the next thing on their sick agenda of control, and it will happen sooner than later.

The best way to control a population is to use fear against them. No one in their right mind would just give up their personal freedoms, but if they were manipulated they would. A prime example of that is how there is a push to microchip your children in order to prevent kidnapping.

As a parent, the thought of your child be taken by a stranger is absolutely horrifying, and we would do anything to protect them, however, would you go as far as to chip them?

In a news report that ran on NBC, the idea of normalizing microchipping children for safety was broached. Of course, it was presented as this would be the best way to protect your children, but some feel this goes over the line. 

Here is more from Our Daily Ideas:

An NBC News report that promotes the microchipping of children asserts that it will happen “sooner rather than later” and that Americans will eventually accept the process as something just as normal as the barcode.

It goes on to highlight mother of three Steffany Rodroguez-Neely, who talks about how she briefly lost her daughter after she hid behind a rack of clothes, bringing to the fore, “every parent’s nightmare when you can’t find your child.”

“If it’ll save my kid, there’s no stuff that’s too extreme,” says Rodriguez-Neely. “Microchipping would be an extra layer of protection if something bad does happen.”

Rodriguez-Neely goes on to explain how she has braved skepticism from members of the local Tampa Bay Moms Group, people like Kerri Levey, who are wary about implanting their own children.

“You’re putting a battery in your kid, you’re putting a chip in your kid. And, where does it stop,” asks Levey. “Where? It’s going too far. This is a child we’re talking about.”

“If a small chip the size of a grain of rice could have prevented a tragedy, I think most parents would have said, I think I would have done it,” responds Rodroguez-Neely.
The piece flips back to pushing the idea when it quotes electronics expert Stuart Lipoff, who asserts that microchipping children is safe and inevitable.

“People should be aware that testing is being done right now. The military is not only testing this out but already utilizes its properties. It’s not a matter of if it will happen, but when,” states Lipoff.

Lipoff also told NBC that people shouldn’t be concerned about “big brother” tracking their children and that the technology was merely an upgrade on the traditional barcode.

“When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way,” he states, adding that it will “definitely happen”.

NBC reporter Melanie Michael appears to agree, remarking that the size of the chip is “very very small” and that “the expert tells us this will happen sooner rather than later.”
“You can bet somewhere someone someday is going to pull this off and we could see those microchips in everyone,” she adds.

You can watch the report here.

Of course, parents want to protect their children, but this seems to be going just a tad too far, and where does it end?

A government that desires to place an electronic device into a person’s body in order to track them is pretty terrifying. It is our right to go where ever we desire without being looked after no matter what the benevolent reason is.

What happens if the government does not like where someone goes, and where is the information fed to? The reason that the government wants this to be implemented is in order to have control over the people, and that is it.

The world is a dangerous place, but wouldn’t you rather have control over how you dealt with it?

“I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.” -Thomas Jefferson

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