BREAKING – Liberal NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Is Facing Criminal Indictment

After their leader, Hillary Clinton’s terrible loss at the election, the liberal criminals are starting to reveal themselves and their crimes, going down with Democrats’ sinking ship. One example is NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, who not only is hated among the citizens of America’s biggest city, also lost all the respect from the NYPD, whose officers are turning their backs to him at a funeral.

The latest issue hanging over his head is the possibility of him facing criminal charges in the near future.

As reported, one federal and one state grand jury in Manhattan started investigating alleged crimes in Bill de Blasio’s campaign fundraising. According to the testimonies, it’s suspected that de Blasio was engaged with illegal pay-to-play actions.

These grand juries and their investigations are strong indication that indictments could be filed very soon.

The federal investigation was launched by Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara and is examining potential political favours which de Blasio could’ve conducted for his campaign’s donors in exchange for contributions to his 2013 run for mayor.

Despite these two, there have been three more investigations brought upon de Blasio and his staff, focusing mainly on fundraising by the mayor and organizations that are affiliated with his office.

It looks like this is nothing more than another one of Clinton’s pupils. And he has learned the ‘pay-to-play’ lesson. Unfortunately for him, he will get the practical exam in jail. New Yorkers deserve a better mayor than a filthy, stealing Democrat!